Yeahs, we wil always defend you…


Yeahs, we wil always defend you…

It seems strange to say this, but Michael will always be a part of me. No other superstar I worked with wound himself into the threads at my core the way he did. Michael opened a window to a quality of wonder unlike anything I’d ever been exposed to in my life. For that gift, I felt I owed him. I felt we all owed him. And we still do. We owe him an honest view of who he was. We still owe him that until we finally sweep away the crap of sensationalist headlines and clearly see why those who love him know more about him than any expert or journalist who claims to have probed his life. Those journalists and experts do not know Michael Jackson. But if you love him, there’s a good chance that you do.

Howard Bloom

thanks to all4Michael

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I don’t like the new cover for the “New MJ’s Album”

It’s too artificial to me.  Where is Michael spirit there?  Idk…  I always want more. 

I can’t take it cause I’m lonely
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Who is happy to see me here?

Can you like make a list for your fanfics? I'm on mobile and can't click the one that says "I just can't stop loving you"

I’m on a tablet, so I guess I have the same problem


Yes it is. Pure perfection

So, this is my problem

I used to follow people Who love Michael Jackson, and they used to post a lot about him.  Now, I follow the same people, But… they seem have forgot to post about him.

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