Dear Michael,

I know you are listening there.

I’m sorry for blaming life, because for unknown reasons life made me love you, but didn’t gave me the chance to be with you once you was here. I couldn’t even go to your concert! having tickets and all.

Anyway… I just want you to know, I don’t regret to love you.

You are a big consolation in my life. Just to see your eyes or smile, give me so much strength. It’s so nice to know someone decent as you, once walked (and danced) over Earth, while there are so many shitty people to be sad about.

You are and always will be my inspiration, my mentor and my love. I owe you so much. It will be nice to be one day as half as good as you was. And I’m not speaking about your artistic side. I’m talking about your beautiful heart.

This Earth would be already healed if people here would had your heart.

I’m so disappointed about human race. Anyway, I know we must have faith in us, because that is our only hope.

I wish to be a good inspiration to my family, friends and people in general, as you will always be for me. Because you changed me for good. I wish someday change some hearts for good too.



Michael Jackson, photo shoot for HIStory album 1995.

If you could trade places with any one of the female leads in Michael's videos, who would you choose and why?

Woah… great question!  Well, I would “obviously” replace Naomi on “In the closet”.  That is his hottest video, and he had to think in a sexy girl to play that role.  So, if you are chosen for that part, you must know Michael thinks you’re hot.  Plus, Michael on that video looks…  so yummy, that I can’t! Hahahaha.  So, yeah… no seconds thoughts. 

(Wait… on “You are not alone” he was literally naked!…  Gee…  Jesis, this is a hard question!)

I thought I was more popular in tumblr.  Only one question, really?

It’s Michael’s Birthday!!!  Shamone!

currently favorite Michael short movie?

I’m an eternal fan of Bad Short Film.  I’m in love with Daryl  (Don’t tell, Michael!)

So it’s Michael’s Birthday! Let’s talk about him… Share things / Ask Things

I made this site as a birthday gift to Michael, at 2011:

Please visit, share and help me to feed it with stories of change.


Original Portrait by Nate Giorgio


Original Portrait by Nate Giorgio

Me and my son, listening to MJ’s music together :)

Happy birthday Michael <3 

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